Set Norms of the Programme. Understanding main aims & objectives of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). Analyze the role and responsibilities under MGNREGA.  Basic information about rights of workers.  Types of Permissible works.  Construction Measurement & Calculation – introduction to Measurements and shape.  Length and Comparison, Units, Tools for Measurement & taking Measurement.  Basic of Computer & its components.  Communication and its importations.  Construction Measurement and Calculation – Volume Cuboids and cylinder.  Relate the concept of volumes and understanding different calculation required in MGNREGA Works. Construction Measurement and calculation – slope ratio and percentage.  Field Visit.  Implementation of calculation, examine and experience. Introduction of learning unit.  What is Map and its element.  Cadstral Maps.  Introduction to sketch, social maps.  Group presentation on element.  Drawing sketches of the field situation.  Introduction to sketch, social and resource maps.  Elements of Basic Drawing.  Plan Layout drawing and its importance etc.