The project focuses on improving access of health & reproductive health services to ‘Denotified and Nomadic Tribal (DNT) Populations especially DNT Women & Girls, who are amongst the most disadvantaged populations today in India.
  • Vasti Aarogya Samitis were established in all 12 DNT settlements of the project. It was ensured that each Vasti Aarogya Samiti has at least 50% of women members.
  • Thirty six health education programs were conducted in 12 DNT settlements.
  • The health camps garnered good response from the DNT communities and witnessed participation of 458 DNT populations mainly of :
                                I.         Wadwani – 133 participants,
                              II.         Dharur – 134 participants,
                            III.         Gevarai – 191 participants
The overall achievement of the project was achieved by strengthening the linkages with the mainstream government Health Services.