The main aim of the project is to promote inclusive and sustainable growth of Indian cities through collaborative multi-stakeholder approach using participatory governance between local authorities and stakeholders, to ensure equitable provision of municipal Services, to promote diversity within and capacity development of local government organisations

  • With the start of the project, 10 Sanitization training workshops for Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials were held in 10 zones of Nagpur City.
  • Launch of City Development Forum was held consisting of 110 members from elected representatives, CSOs, academics, NGOs and other key stakeholders.
  • Diversity Committee was formed with an objective of organizing the training workshop for municipal officials as the priority.
  • A Status Report was published of Diversity in Nagpur Municipal Corporation and  a Benchmark Study was Published of Municipal Services in Nagpur Municipal Corporation
  • 10 workshops were conducted related with the themes of Sanitation/Solid Waste Management, Town Planning, Innovative Teaching Techniques, Disaster response program, Administrative efficiency, Resource mobilization, Contract management, Urban Transport and ICT training.