The main objective of Haritha  Kerala Mission is to achieve zero waste i.e. all the waste materials will be decomposed at the place of production. For the promotion of this objective, Haritha Karma Sena and  Haritha  Shaya Sthapanangal are established to ensure participation of the people by organized programs of awareness. AIILSG is selected as one of the Haritha Sahaya Sthapanangal.


Methods adopted for waste management in the offices:
  • Prohibition of all disposable materials in the premises
  • Adoption of nature-friendly utensils in the offices
  • Training of Housekeeping workers
  • Old and useless furniture and E-waste to be removed
  • Introduce methods for the disposal of conversion of organic wastes.
  • Introduction of growing organic vegetables in the Office premises
  • Collection, Segregation and recycling of non-organic waste.
  • Establishment of material collection facilities
  • To follow green protocol in offices
  • Renovation of Toilets
  • Eliminate Food waste
  • Classification and application of scientific methods for the conversion of organic waste.
  • Dust free offices
Ring Compost          Portable Biogas Plant          Portable Bio Bin          Portable Bin          Kitchen Bin          Biogas Plant          Bio Digester Pot          Bio Composter          Aerobic Composting Unit
Ring Compost
Green Protocol Suggestions:
  •    Use Banners made in cloths instead of plastics
  •    Introduce bins made with degradable materials rather than plastics
  •    Refreshment and food are supplied: Introduce tender coconut juice, lemon juice, buttermilk etc. by replacing artificially made drinks.
  •    Introduce buffet instead of serving food to the participant attending a social function and thereby save food items.