All India Institute of Local Self Government was established in 31st August, 1926 in Mumbai. The country was under British rule by that time. It was a matter of fact that, when this institution was established, there were no organization in the country to help the country’s small rural and urban local self-government organizations. Late Shree Chunilal D. Barfiwala, did his best to establish this organization, who have been given this opportunity to work and moved these organizations towards development of the local self-government, which is still ongoing in 31 Centers across various states of the country. Thus, every year on August 31, the local self-government, means municipal corporations and municipalities and rural panchayats celebrate the day as local self-government day. As part of the celebration, a program is being organized to award degrees to outstanding students in various courses running in the institute. Apart from this, the children’s donation camps, medical check-up camps, tree plantation, sports, prize distribution, discussion sessions, discourse hygiene programs are also organized in different local self-government organizations.

Inauguration of Local Self-Government Day on 31st August 2017, at All India Institute of Local Self Government, Barfiwala Bhavan, near Bhawan’s College, Ahmedabad Center was done by the President of the organization Ranjit Chavan at 11.00 am.

Opening of this program is done by Shree Kiritbhai P. Solanki, MP, Ahmedabad West Lok Sabha and Chairman, parliamentary committee, Tribal welfare. As part of the celebration, the Sanitary Inspector Diploma Courses of the year 2017-18 has also be inaugurated. Also, a program has been organized to award certificates to the students who have achieved first, second and third rank, in the Sanitary Inspector Diploma Course run by the organization.