Inter Centre Cricket Tournament (ICCT) CUP ’16

On 28th February 2016, all regional centres’ team turned out to enjoy Inter Centre Cricket Tournament (ICCT) on beautiful lush green cricket ground of Bhalodia Farm, Rajkot. The idea of Inter Centre Cricket Tournament was initiated by Dr. R. D. Jadav (Director‐Trg). The goal was to promote sportsman spirit in staff and students of AIILSG.

Friendly yet competitive cricket matches were played between the teams of Ahmedabad, Surat, Junagadh , Patan and Rajkot. Team members from Ahmedabad, Junagadh, Patan and Surat arrived early in the morning. The first game started at 8.30 am after having breakfast. All the matches were played in noisy and cheerful atmosphere. The tempo was created among the crowd by live commentary of Dr.Rajan Jadav and Mr.Kirti Joshi. The competition,the excitement of the game, and the liveliness and spontaneous actions of the supporters was noteworthy throughout the day.

Dr. Jaiman Upadhyay (Mayor‐Rajkot) was our guest of honor. He envisioned students and staff for more sports activities like this to develop sportsman spirit. He also told students to follow slogan of “Khele te khile”. Director General Capt. Anant Modi felicitated Mayor by giving him memento.

Director General Capt. Anant Modi encouraged all the participating team members by sparing his precious time for the event. The enthusiasm of all members was doubled on arrival of Hon. Director General Capt. Anant Modi.

After finishing all league matches, the final match was played between the teams of Rajkot and Surat in afternoon. Cricket is a game of uncertainty and this game became even more competitive and uncertain. Both team had the chance to win and the game was changing in every few minutes. The last 15 minutes were breathless and extremely exciting and finally the team Surat crossed the line and became the champion of ICCT Cup’16.

In prize distribution ceremony Hon. Director General Capt. Anant Modi had given trophies and medals to the Champion & Runners‐up teams. On this occasion Capt. Anant Modi addressed all the staff members & students and explained how sports can bring out fitness and which in turn can help in productive office work. He told that Inter Centre Cricket Tournament was the first of its kind in history of AIILSG and this kind of events will be initiated in other centers also. At last Capt. Anant Modi congratulated all Staff members of Rajkot centre for arranging such a wonderful cricket tournament.

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