Sr.No. Title Frequency
1 Administrative Change National Bi-annual
2 All India Reporter National Monthly
3 All Maharashtra Law Reporter National Monthly
4 Artha Suchi National Quarterly
5 Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnoloy & Environmental Sciences National Quarterly
6 Beverage and Food World National Monthly
7 Biblio -A Review of Books National Bi-monthly
8 Clean & Hygiene Review National Bi-monthly
9 Contributions to Indian Sociology National Tri-annual
10 Documentation in Public Administration National Quarterly
11 Down to Earth National Fortnightly
12 Dynamics of Public Administration National Bi-annual
13 Ecology Environment & Conservation National Quarterly
14 Economic & Political Weekly National Weekly
15 Environment and Ecology National Quarterly
16 Environment and Urbanization International Semi-Annual
17 Excels Timetable of Air Services within India National Monthly
18 Express Health Care Management National Monthly
19 Frontline National Fortnightly
20 Governance now National Weekly
21 Health & Nutrition International Monthly
22 Healthcare Executive National Monthly
23 Help Age India Research & Development Journal National Tri-annual
24 Hearld of Health National Monthly
25 Human Capital National Monthly
26 India Forbes National Fortnightly
27 India Today National Weekly
28 Indian Infrastructure National Semi-Annual
29 Indian Journal of Development Review National Bi-annual
30 Indian Journal of Environment Protection National Monthly
31 Indian Journal of Gender Studies National Tri-annual
32 Indian Journal of Hematology & Blood Transfusion National Quarterly
33 Indian Journal of Millennium Development Studies National Bi-annual
34 Indian Journal of Public Health National Quaterly
35 Indian Journal of Social Development National Bi-annual
36 Indian Journal of Social Work National Quaterly
37 Indian Journal of Transport Management National Quaterly
38 International Journal of Environment & Development National Bi-annual
39 Journal of Education for Sustainable Development National Bi-annual
40 Journal of Environmental Science Research International National Bi-annual
41 Journal of Governance & Public Policy National Bi-annual
42 Journal of Social & Economic Policy National Bi-annual
43 Lokrajya National Monthly
44 Lokprabha National Weekly
45 Maharashtra Arogya Patrika National Monthly
46 MSWA’S Housing Societies Review National Monthly
47 Municipalities & Corporation Cases National Monthly
48 Nagarlok National Quarterly
49 Outlook National Weekly
50 Paryavaran Vikas Patrika National Monthly
51 Prevention of Food Adulteration Cases National Monthly
52 Samaj Prabodhan patrika National Quarterly
53 Safety Equipment Review National Bi-monthly
54 Time National Weekly
55 Traffic Tech National Bi-monthly
56 Urban India National Bi-annual
57 Urban Sanitation National Quarterly
58 Yojana-English National Monthly
59 Yojana-Marathi National Monthly
60 Waste Recycling India National Quaterly
61 Water Digest National Bi-monthly
62 World Development Report International Annual