• AIILSG-Vadodara has been given a project of preparing Health Bylaws by Vadodara Municipality. In the same matter, AIILSG had already submitted the first draft. A consultation meeting was held on 27th February ’17, with the officers of Vadodara Municipal Corporation then after second draft have been submitted to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation for the consideration.


  • AIILSG-Ahmedabad has recently undergone with a project given by Gujarat Ecology Commission, Gandhinagar. Jobs like provision of information, study and media materials are included in the project. Also, providing training to the representatives of selected NGOs of rural areas is a part of project.


  • These Project has been Inaugurated by Hon. Minister – Mr. Shankar Bhai Choudhary on 5th March ’17 at Dethali Gram taluka Vav district Banaskantha. Mr. Vasudev Trivedi and associated consultant Mr. F.T. Kanpurwala & Mr. Kirit Shelat has attended the programme.


  • A 3 days Training of the Trainers was held at Ahmedabad center on 9th -11th March ’17 for the representatives of the NGOs by, which was inaugurated by Mr. A.C. Sampat, Director – GEC and Regional Director of AIILSG-Ahmedabad, Mr. Vasudev Trivedi.


International Women day was celebrated on 8th March ’17, at Ahmedabad. Expert faculties delivered the lectures on Women Empowerment, Education, Health etc.