National Fire Academy

nfaThe  All  India   Institute  of  Local   Self-Government  with  its headquarters  at   Mumbai   and   centers   all  over   India   has National Fire  Academy  at   Vadodara.  During  span   of  over seventy years the Institute has grown both in terms of work  services and opening branches to cover many states of the Country. Today the Institute has 26 branches all over the country and 4 Regional centers for Five Prevention training Programme.

The Institute undertakes research studies,  and  organizes courses,  seminars,  conference and provides an open  forum for officials and non officials in Municipal Administration. Its activities  which began in the year 1926 are conducted both at Regional and National levels.

The Institute having foreseen  the numerous challenges due  to developing world and  growing cities felt the need  of trained personnel for Urban Management. While cities grow with High Rise Infrastructure, Government houses,  Hotels and Industrialization,  the risk of fire explosion  is  the threat.  As the large number  of chemical  Industries are growing fast with toxic and poisonous gases, and other environmental hazards need to be protected.

Considering the urgent  requirement of   Fire Fighting Training the Institute approached the Ministry of  Home Affairs and also the  Ministry Urban  Development, Government  of  India  for permission to start an Appropriate  Exhaustive middle level and higher   level   courses   at   All India   Institute  of   Local   Self Government Vadodara center, Gujarat State.

Consequently under the guideline of Government of India the Gujarat government Recognized the Leading Firemen’s Training Course and Driver cum Operator Course vide, Resolution No.1077-7008 (78) P, under their department of Panchayats Housing and Urban Development, dated 18th January 1979 to the National Fire Academy under All India Institute of Local Self Government. During the course of time other states also urged for the reorganization of the Leading Firemen’s’ Training Course and Driver cum Operator Course in Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra. The fire Academy shall not only meet the present short fall of Leading Firemen but also has Sub Fire Officer Course and serve the requirements to meet the future National and International Challenges.

The Institute is recognized to impart a higher level Fire Sub Officer Training by Government of Gujarat vide Resolution No.ASV-1092-5133-2-/ Sachivalaya Gandhinagar under their Urban Housing and Urban Development Department dated 1st October 1994.

Courses offered by the Centre

Regular Training Courses

Sr no.
Name of the Course


Firemen’s Training Course

6 Months


Sub-Fire Officer’s Course

6 + 2 Months = 8 Months


Fire Prevention & Industrial Safety Course

6 Months


Driver cum Operator Course

1 Month

New Courses to be Launched 2014-15

Sr no.
Name of the Course


PG Diploma in Fire Safety & Disaster Management

1 year


Security Service Courses
(Assignment is given to Security Consultant)

2 Months to different periods

Contact Details

AIILSG, Near Sardar Estate Cross Road,Ajwa Waghodia Ring Road, Vadodara – 390 019
Telephone : 0265 – 2562476, 0265 – 2517821
Email : nfanna@hotmail.com
hansa patel
Head of the Centre:
Executive Advisor
Mrs. Hansa Patel,Contact Person
Mr. Dinesh Patel, Assistant Director